Wednesday, 16 September 2020

What are the Benefits of Hiring Online Accountant for Sole Trader Business?

 A sole trader business is one of the simplest business structures that do not entail any massive responsibilities of legal affairs such as filing annual accounts to Companies House. However, there are some key aspects that necessitate such businesses to have the support of professional online accountants for sole traders. For a sole trader business owner, having the support of accounting professionals can be beneficial in a number of ways. A few of benefits of doing so are as the following:


Hiring online accountants for sole trader businesses can help owners remain in line with respective business regulations and accounting and taxation matters. In this way, their businesses will be safe from facing any kind of legal implications and possible penalties. Hired professionals will be keeping them updated about every move that HMRC or any other related authority make, like amending regulations or setting new standards, to facilitate them meet those standards and regulations abruptly. It is seen that a lot of sole business traders face compliance issues due to a lack of having the support of professional accountants from reliable service providers.

Effectual Record Keeping

Although sole traders are not required to file annual accounts to Companies House, keeping financial records maintained is essential for taxation and other legal aspects. Having the assistance of online accounting professionals always helps such businesses to have firm control over their finances, as hired professionals keep records maintained to let business owners comply with the set regulations. Effectual management of records also benefits business owners in the preparation of tax returns and avoiding inaccuracies or miscalculations. Professional accountants know all the ways and record-keeping needs of sole traders, so they facilitate client businesses in the best possible ways for effectual management of records.

Effective Tax Planning

Apart from other liabilities and responsibilities, sole traders are not excluded from paying taxes as they will be considered for income tax on their profits, unlike other business structures that pay corporate taxes. They are needed to fill self-assessment tax returns once a year; however, if their turnover reaches the set threshold for VAT, they are also required to be registered for VAT and should pay. Having the support of online accountants in London can help such business owners to plan taxes, identify maximum deductions and tax exemptions to enable sole trader business owners paying minimum possible taxes.

Easy VAT and PAYE Registrations

Being a sole trader, if you are going to hire someone, legally, you are required to be listed as an employer with HMRC to enable PAYE taxation for your employees. Similarly, if your business is reaching or equating the set threshold of £85,000 annual turnover, you are also needed to be registered for VAT. Having the support of professional accountants from virtual accounting services can help you go easy and efficient for both registrations that have certain complicated aspects that only accounting experts can deal with efficiently. They will be making the procedures easy to let you accomplish both objectives.

Access to Latest Tools

Another key benefit of hiring online accountants for your sole trader business structure is accessing the latest technology and tools for accounting and bookkeeping proceedings. Online accounting service providers make available the latest accounting software and technologies to provide client businesses with remarkable services and to help them meet modern accounting standards. They will not be charging additionally for these tools and technologies that they will be used for managing your accounting aspects.

A cost-effective Solution 

One of the major benefits of hiring online accounting professionals is their lower costs in comparison to hiring dedicated accountants. They come cheaper and cost-effective when you ask them for tailored and needed services, unlike hiring full-time in-house accountants who will be charging you in every circumstance, either your business needs or not. They also save you money that you need to invest in hiring dedicated personal, implementing the latest technology and tools, and other infrastructural costs. They also provide client businesses with peace of mind regarding every kind of potential risk and hazardous aspects.

Stated are some of the key benefits linked to hired online accounting professionals for a sole trader business. They help a business owner in all the possible ways to remain compliant and satisfied with accounts and finances. They help business owners from effectual decision making to tax management and facilitate them with the latest tools and technologies that make them beneficial in every aspect. Considering your sole trader business’s accounting needs, if you are looking for such beneficial and helpful professionals, WeAccountax can be your perfect partner.

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